Gamification Experience For The Ingresqr

Ingresqr, a Nigeria-based company, faced challenges in training new employees in the assembly process at a Nigerian brewery supply chain company without interrupting ongoing operations. To solve this issue, Exposit developed a comprehensive Augmented Reality and 3D application, enabling users to interact with the assembly, learn the process of assembling and disassembling through diverse modules, […]

AR Application For The Pal – V Used In Marketing

Exposit addressed the unique challenge faced by PAL-V, a Netherlands-based flying car manufacturer, who needed a portable and accessible method to showcase their product. By leveraging Augmented Reality technology, Exposit developed an application that could demonstrate the flying car’s features and capabilities virtually through a simple brochure scan. This novel solution enhanced the company’s marketing […]

AR Tool For Atulyam Real Estate Site

Exposit partnered with Atulyam, a residential real estate developer in Ahmedabad, India, to create an immersive 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) experience for prospective buyers. Problem statement: Atulyam is residential real estate site at Ahmedabad, India. While it was developing, the builder asked us to have an innovative way visualize the sites before it’s developed […]