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Our portfolio showcases our expertise in 3D modeling across industries

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3D Modeling Services We Offer

Our vast portfolio showcases our expertise in 3D modeling across industries. We transform your vision into reality. 

Exposit as a 3D Modeling Company

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Industry Versatality

The company specifically specializes in 3D modeling solutions for a diverse number of fields. Whether you are creating a game or computer entertainment program, an architectural model, or a product design model, we have the right staff for you. It also guarantees that irrespective of the market you are in, we have the skills and expertise to create the designs that you need in your business to perfection.

Cutting Edge Technology

At Exposit we make sure that we work with the latest technologies and the best 3D modeling ones available. In this way, we guarantee the usage of state-of-the-art technology, which allows the creation of high-quality and accurate models. In this respect, we offer unique solutions that enable us to be one of the best 3D modeling companies with the help of up-to-date tools and software.

Client-Centric Approach

The focus on our clients is one of Exposit’s central values that guide all the work of the company. Being client-oriented is one of our main principles, so, we consider all your requirements and goals while modeling. These measures of commitment guarantee that the end product goes beyond your expectations and achieves the required client satisfaction. Affordability, Exceptional 3D modeling, and an ability to communicate with you make us your 3D modeling partner of choice.

Customization and Flexibility

For our 3D modeling services at Exposit, we pride ourselves on the fact that we provide our clients with the most flexible customization services. We know that each project is individual and we adjust our work to your needs. When it comes to character models, it may be necessary to have a detailed model with intricate details, or sometimes you just need a simple product design simplified and our teams are ready to combine seamlessly, and offer you what you need.

Innovation & Future-Oriented Approach

At Exposit, we’re all about pushing forward with innovation as our driving force. This involves daily study of new techniques and trends in 3D modeling to devise solutions for the future. We are excited about the future and remain dedicated to helping our clients achieve the more than expected, impossible by pushing boundaries. 

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Success Stories:
How We Helped Clients Achieve Their 3D Modeling Vision

Transforming Driver Training for DP World: Exposit's Immersive Solution

Exposit's 3D modeling, AR, and VR solutions had just revolutionized DP World's driver training at Mundra Port. The immersive training modules create a safer environment, prepare the drivers, and guarantee safety while positively impacting operations by reducing incidents. It significantly improved DP World's training processes and business performance through technology-driven approaches.

Exposit's 3D Modeling Company Enhanced Kranti Industry's Investor Engagement

Exposit, one of the leading companies in 3D modeling, offered Kranti Industry Pune-based automobile parts manufacturing solutions for a virtual tour. With Exposit's 3D modeling services, Kranti Industry has rendered a highly interactive virtual tour of the entire factory. This helped them display their premises and machinery to investors, stakeholders, or any other visitors associated with IPO events without the need for actual visits, therefore increasing their presentation skills and interaction.

Exposit's 3D Modeling Services: Transforming Kalavarni Jewellers' Customer Experience

Exposit, in 3D modeling, offers an Innovative VR solution for the opening of a new outlet by its customer, Kalavarni Jewellers. Exposit brought into existence an engaged royal palace experience in Bikaner, along with the jewelry collection, highlighting the jewelry collection and attracting significant customer attention and engagement, with a focus directed at significant customer attention and engagement through advanced 3D modeling services.

Innovative 3D Modeling Service by Exposit Enhances Safety at Adani Dahanu

Exposit used advanced 3D modeling services to create a VR module compatible with Oculus and HTC Vive. This allowed trainees to take a risk-free virtual tour of the coal mill, learning about its processes, safety protocols, and operational guidelines. The VR experience improved training effectiveness and safety standards for hazardous environment training without any physical risk.

Why 3D Modeling Beats Traditional Photography or Sketches

It is vital that, in the modern environment, a business presents products in the most compelling and informative way possible. Photography and sketches have been there for us for many years, but 3D modeling gives a notable push ahead. As a result, the reasons that make 3D modeling the obvious solution for today's business needs are

While photos can only capture things that already exist, 3D models will enable you to materialize every single thing that comes to your mind. Do you have a revolutionarily new kind of product in your head? Well, concept sketches take you only so far. Using 3D modeling, this virtual prototype gives you an idea of the form, function, and design from every angle before any physical creation is required. It is what architects, product designers, and any innovator need.

Traditional photography requires studios, lighting, and reshooting—painful, time-consuming, and very expensive. With 3D modeling, you skip all these tedious steps. You are absolutely in control of all lighting conditions, textures, and backgrounds within your virtual environment; this will allow faster turnarounds with enormous cost savings. Just consider the product visuals under various color options, material options, or even packaging options—everything in a single 3D model!

3D models are endlessly customizable. Details can be changed, variations can be created, and animations can be developed that reveal a product’s features in minute detail; there is no comparison to even the most highly tailored static photographs. This ease of concept exploration and iteration is simply not possible with flat photography.

3D modeling isn’t only for high-tech companies. Be it a representation of furniture arrangements inside an interior design firm or a visualization of architectural plans for construction companies, 3D modeling finds a place for the benefit of companies belonging to all sizes and sectors. Here are some specific examples across various industries:

  • Architecture
  •  Product Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive & Many More.

Why Outsource 3d Modeling Service

Distinctive product visuals are no longer a luxury in today's competition; rather they are a vital necessity. Also, 3D modeling turns your Concept into Reality

But building an internal team will drain your pocket and take so much of your time. That's where top outsourcing with a leading 3D modeling company, like us, becomes necessary. Here's why outsourcing your needs to 3D is such a brilliant strategic play:

General Knowledge Base

  • Exposit will get your 3D modeling project started as soon as we get a clear brief about your vision and requirements. This can be in the form of rough sketches, reference images, descriptions bit by bit, or any other material that would help in explaining what has to be created. Thereafter, once we have enough data to supply us with a proper understanding of the task, our team will take you through the remaining proceedings to bring the project to life.

  • Exposit's top availed 3D modeling services include: 


    3D Character Modeling 

    3D Modeling for Games 

    3D Environment Modeling 

    AR/VR Modeling 

    3D Product Modeling 

    3D Architecture Modeling 

    Packaging Design 

    These services help serve a wide array of industries and applications, ensuring that we can meet your exact needs.

Exposit uses a wide range of advanced 3D modeling software to ensure the delivery of high-quality results. Our toolkit includes the following:

Autodesk Maya


3ds Max




Cinema 4D


These tools enable the creation of detailed, accurate, and graphically brilliant 3D models aligned with your project's requirements.

Our 3D modeling work process is well-organized to maintain efficiency and quality:

Consultation: This entails understanding your vision, requirements, and goals.

Concept Development: We develop initial concepts and draftings.

Modeling: State-of-the-art software is used for detailed 3D modeling.

Review & Feedback: We share extensive models with you for review and leverage feedback for refinements.

Finalization: We make adjustments as required and deliver quality 3D models.

Delivery: The models are then handed over to the client in any desired format.

Moving from photos to 3D modeling, the following are the benefits that come on board:

Better Visualization: 3D models give more elaborate and near-reality visualization of your ideas.

Flexibility: Make unlimited changes and updates in the model without capturing new photos.

Interactivity: Integrate models in AR/VR experiences for interactive presentations.

Accuracy: The accurate dimensions and details are obtained, that one would otherwise find very hard to capture in still photos.

Absolutely! The philosophy at Exposit is to keep the communication channels open and clear through the modeling exercise. In the process, our team will ensure that you are updated on every step so that your vision is fully captured and your misgivings, if any, or any adjustments to that effect are taken care of. We value your input and strive for a collaborative environment for the best possible outcomes.

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