AR Tool For Atulyam Real Estate Site

Exposit partnered with Atulyam, a residential real estate developer in Ahmedabad, India, to create an immersive 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) experience for prospective buyers.

Problem statement:

Atulyam is residential real estate site at Ahmedabad, India. While it was developing, the builder asked us to have an innovative way visualize the sites before it’s developed along with regular 3D experiences. They wanted to having some innovation with their brochure to make it interactive.

Description of the solution:

We suggested them to have develop a 3D experiences along with Augmented Reality features. So, we developed a full fledged experience which consist of the entire site walkthrough, 360 Virtual Tour and Augmented Reality application over the brochure. Their sales people explain through AR application where an building comes out from the brochure along with all the amenities demonstration.


Business impact:

With the AR features and 3D experiences they can explain their sites and amenities with more ease and able engage the customers for longer period of time. They could able attract more attention and result into more leads for their estate.