Gamification Experience For The Ingresqr

Ingresqr, a Nigeria-based company, faced challenges in training new employees in the assembly process at a Nigerian brewery supply chain company without interrupting ongoing operations. To solve this issue, Exposit developed a comprehensive Augmented Reality and 3D application, enabling users to interact with the assembly, learn the process of assembling and disassembling through diverse modules, and test their understanding via an assessment tool. This innovative solution made understanding complex machine assembly easier and allowed performance monitoring of each user, significantly enhancing the training process.

Problem statement:

Ingresqr is a nigeria based company had a problem statement for nigerian breweries supply chain company where they wanted to train their new employees regarding it’s assembly without disturbing the ongoing processes. They asked us to deliver a solution for their problem statement through gamification.

Description of the solution:

We developed an Augmented Reality and 3D based Application where an user can have a view of the assembly, can explode the assembly machine and can learn about assembling and disassembling through different modules followed with assessment.


Business impact:

With this solution, they were able to explain the a complex machine assembly in a easy way as well monitor the performance of each user by assessment tool. And the new trainee can understand the same at its own pace.