AR Application For The Pal – V Used In Marketing

Exposit addressed the unique challenge faced by PAL-V, a Netherlands-based flying car manufacturer, who needed a portable and accessible method to showcase their product. By leveraging Augmented Reality technology, Exposit developed an application that could demonstrate the flying car’s features and capabilities virtually through a simple brochure scan. This novel solution enhanced the company’s marketing efforts, spurred customer interest, and facilitated product demonstrations anytime, anywhere

Problem statement:

PAL – V is a netherland based company into flying car manufacturing. We had interaction with Vice President of the Company at Vibrant Gujarat where exchange of discussion, he showed his brochure and explained about his challenge of not able to demonstrate his Car without carrying out with him which had feasibility challenges so told us if we can have some solution where he can demonstrate his flying car virtually anywhere at anytime.

Description of the solution:

To deliver the solution we developed an Augmented Reality Application for the PAL- V. We have to open the app, hover it on to the Brochure and then a virtual Car augment over it. In the AR app, He can demonstrate his car virtually while showing his feature, changes the colours of the Car as well give a fly demo to their customers.


Business impact:

This Augmented Reality solution helped the client company to demonstrate their Car virtually with all the features of the Car which helped them to market and explain the product well which turned into more interest of the customer into the product.