VR Training Solution

Benefits & Impact of VR Training Solution

VR Training Solution
Benefits to

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Faster learnings

Confidence in work

Flexible Training Solution

Personalized Training Solution

Increased Engagement in Learning

Remote Training for employees

easily connected with training program

Safer Place to Practice

Reduced Cost

Trained Employees in no time

Less workforce used

Learning process accelerated

VR Training Solution
Benefits to Enterprise

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Technological advancement of Enterprise

Quick Onboarding of Employees

VR Training Solution for Industries

VR training solutions improve workforce development by providing industry-specific simulations for intense learning and performance across various industrial sectors. 


VR Training Solution helps significantly in the Medical Industry. it allows the surgeons to carry out surgical training by themselves in a virtual world without any risk of live surgery. it gives medical education with immersive technology to healthcare professionals.It is also used in Anatomy visualization by simplifying complex medical concepts. VR Training Solution is used in patient interaction learnings by developing communication skills.


VR Training Solution provides work force training solutions in which the workforce is trained in the usage of various equipment and plant safety standards to be taken. VR Training solution educates workers about the assembly line process. VR Training Solution also helps in teaching technology and procedures of the manufacturing unit.

Real Estate

VR Training Solution in real estate helps in property tour for the potential buyers of the property to give them a virtual tour of the properties with realistic & immersive experience. VR training solutions in real estate are not just for clients but also for real estate professionals. Real estate agents attain VR training Solution for their skills development of negotiation, property showcasing.


VR Training Solution in Aviation industry offers amazing advantages. With the help of VR Training Solution, the Aircraft maintenance training can be given where vr stimulates aircraft maintenance task, system checking, technicians etc. VR Training Solution gives Realistic Flight scenarios which helps pilots to practice in controlled and safe environment.


VR Training Solution helps in vehicle design and prototyping training, maintenance and repair training. It also helps in safety training on safe driving practices and safety protocols. VR Training Solutions helps in Assembly line training.


VR Training Solution helps the Drug development process and testing, clinical trials protocols and improving the efficiency and accuracy of clinical research. VR Training Solutions helps in quality assurance of the drugs in terms of regulatory standards and product safety.

Choosing Exposit's VR Training Solution

Exposit is a dynamic team of forward thinking of innovators dedicated to harnessing the power of AR/VR and immersive technologies to transform the way business operates and engage with their customer. 

VR Training Solution over Traditional Training

Engagement & Motivation

VR Training Solution has a gamified experience that results in active participation & problem-solving than the traditional training method. 

Safe & Risk Free

VR Training Solution provides a safe place for high-risk trainings without any real-world outcomes and improves safety. 


VR Training Solution can be customized for different leaning styles as per requirements, like job roles, skills set etc. 

Employee Satisfaction

78% prefer VR Training Solutions over Traditional Training according to a study by PwC. As it is fully immersive & different experience.

Learner Flexibility

VR Training Solution can be operated remotely from any location instead of time-consuming & costly travelling. 

Immersive Learning

VR Training Solution has an immersion which the traditional method does not have. Learners are placed in 3-D & realistic environment. 

Development process of VR Training Solution

Needs Assessments

Assessment of client's needs, goals & objectives and learning outcomes to give Dynamic experience of VR Training Solutions and more options for VR Training Solution. 

Content Planning

Developing training content which includes topics, scenarios, assessments, simulations, interactive elements, and other multi-media assets for VR Training Solution. 

Research Technology

Research for VR hardware & software platforms which is based on training needs, scalability & compatibility with the system of VR Training Solutions. 

Design & Development

First developing a prototype version of VR Training Solution to test the functionality. Then developing the VR environment according to the sequence chart. Designing user interface, virtual object, audios etc. 

Programming & integration

Implementing VR Training Solution with appropriate development tools & platforms and integrating interactive elements, data tracking, assessments & analytics features for monitoring.

Quality Assurance

Conducting a test to check the quality of VR Training Solution, and that it is free from bugs, or other technical issues and has seamless user experience across different vr devices. 

User Testing

Testing VR Training Solutions with a small group of users and clients and gathering feedback on effectiveness and user satisfaction. To check upon areas to be improved 

Logistic Setup

The required equipment's of VR Training Solution such as the Headphones, Head Mounted Devices, etc.  


Deploying the final VR Training Solution to the client after making the necessary changes in the VR Training Solution. 

Nov 09, 2017


Support is provided to ensure that the users have easy access to the VR Training Solution and VR Environment. 

VR Training Solution: Future of Training

The future has great potential for virtual reality training solutions. Currently the VR Training Industry has just begun its work in the sector of training. It’s just the matter of time when the virtual reality training solutions will become the mainstream and regular part of solution for the process of training in different industries.  

Virtual reality training solutions not only offers technical skills but also soft skills such as leadership, communication, resilience, etc. virtual reality training solutions offer the employees an effective, affordable and remote-friendly way of training. More than half of the companies in the world have implemented virtual reality training solutions in their Training, its a good time to invest in virtual reality training solutions. 


virtual reality training solutions is Rapidly growing its value as a training tool. The immersive ability of VR which is today is great but the future in expanding VR’s reach into other training opportunities is even brighter. Virtual reality training solutions will become an important part of your training programs as you train the future workforce. Because of its ability to be more specific and actionable it will improve the performance and revolutionize the way of employee training.  

Types of Training

Virtual Reality training solutions is broadly classified into Three Categories. This includes Fully immersive, Semi immersive, Non immersive virtual reality. 


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What Matter forus

Your requirements matters most whether it is highly customized features, industry specific solutions, or a unique inter face etc. Solutions crafting is done keeping your vision and objective in mind. 

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Customization Benefits

There are many benefits of customizing the AR VR apps such as you get an tailored experience, innovative features, Industry specification, Brand loyalty, flexibility etc. Due customizing your AR VR app or solutions . 

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Exposit's Client-Centric Approach

At Exposit we welcome such innovative & Creative ideas. We work closely with our clients so that we can deliver what they desires. 


VR Training Solution for Automobile Manufacturing Plant

A leading Automobile Manufacturer faced problems in its training programs of new assembly line workers because of the complexity of the production processes The organization adopted the VR Training Solutions tailored for specific tasks related to assembly line workers' workings. The Key Features was workers were doing tasks such as part installation, tool usage, and machine operation in a safe and secured environment with realistic virtual scenarios. Resulted into Reduced timings by 30% in on boarding process Enhanced in skills, optimum equipment usage with fewer errors Saved the organization's cost

VR Training Solution in Aviation industry

Aviation Companies often face hurdles while training their pilots on how to operate the aero-plane and giving recurrent training for experienced pilots due to high cost involved in flight simulators. The VR Training Solution was tailored and developed VR-based pilot training program The VR training modules were developed to copy cockpit environments, flight procedures, emergency situations, faced by commercial pilots during real flights. The Key Features was, pilots experienced more realistic flight environment with navigation system, outside view etc. Procedural training & customization done in VR Training Solution to give training to pilots systematically. Resulted into: The airline achieved improvements in training effectiveness, Cost saving, Safety enhancement, & pilot ability development.

VR Training Solution in Medical/Healthcare industry

Hospitals faces challenges in training surgeons for surgical processes and medical professionals due to limited access to dead bodies for practice. The hospital adopted a VR training solution for surgical training using advanced VR technology. The VR training modules were designed to copy surgical environments, surgical tools, patient anatomy, and procedural steps required for various surgical specialties. The key features were, Surgeons experienced highly realistic virtual surgical environments for practice of surgical procedures.

General Knowledge Base

Just like live training done with the involvement of human element which is the traditional method of training in VR Training Modules there will be less involvement of human element in the process of training as the vr training solution offers immersive and interactive experiences which creates digital simulation of life like scenario for training purpose, Additionally with the help of Custom Vr training solutions one can modify their vr training solution according to their own requirements.

The are various types of VR training solution available but the primary category of VR simulation for VR training modules are of 3 types namely

(1) Non-immersive VR (2) Semi-immersive VR (3) Fully-immersive VR

As a company, one always seeks innovative and futuristic solutions for their operations. VR Training solutions create a safer environment and are very cost effective, it is also flexible and scalable. Training done through VR training modules helps one to engage and understand things properly. This VR training solution offers unique Training programs to the companies in manufacturing, aviation, healthcare, port, real-estate etc. 

There are various components used while developing vr training solution for the specific industries. The VR training software development Company provides pretty much the same VR app development process. In Custom vr training solution the information is collected in depth by the developers in order to match the needs of clients. VR app development is done, prototype is created. It is a very vast process. 

VR training solutions is valuable because it provides realistic and immersive simulations through vr training modules that engages trainees, encourages experiential learnings, increase retention, enable safe practice, and facilitate distance training, all of which contribute to more effective and efficient skills development. 

The method of VR training solutions, including VR training modules and customized VR training solutions, is done through delivering immersive (3D image surrounding user), realistic learning experiences, enhancing skill development, knowledge retention, using the software which relates to the hardware of VR technology.

VR training solutions are used in training environment by giving real world experiences, providing practical practice done in the virtual world without any real-world consequences. As it provides training in the Virtual reality the real-life experiences can be done in safe and controlled environment. 

VR training solutions are used in various industries such as manufacturing, heath medical, Real estate, Aviation etc. where the use different VR training modules to give training to their newly hired employees. The main use of Vr training solution is that it is flexible as custom vr solutions are customized according to the needs of the industry.

Online training includes watching videos and learning through video calls and taking courses or modules online. which accessed from computer or phone. Whereas on the other side VR training solutions gives real world experiences into the virtual world and one cannot just watch videos and read but can also engage in training scenario.

VR training Solution is important for new employees Because it provides realistic training in a virtual world, ensuring mastery faster than many traditional types of training. New employees get the necessary knowledge and skills faster and work faster. 

VR Training Solution Career & Job Offers

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