VR Simulation Training at Adani kattupalli Port

Immersive VR-based Training Solution for Adani Kattupalli Port to be used in their new trainee / operator joinees

Problem statement:

Adani Kattupalli Port near Chennai operating various cargo import and export having huge amount of heavy machineries and daily operational task for them is very complex as well risky. For the same, they need to train their operators for safe and effective machineries operations but the existing methodologies had various trainer dependencies as well traditional way of training with ppt/images which were not effective to train the trainees with actual sites.

Description of the solution:

To solve their problem of effective and safe training for their operator we developed virtual reality based simulation content for their various operations like QC, RTG, ECH, Forklift and many more. With the solution, the trainee does not need to go actual sites, reducing the dependencies on the trainer and making the training effective with safety. The modules were consists of safety, hazardous activities and operational content.

Business impact:

This VR solution helped them to have effective and safe training with automated training content. It saved lots of resources and time for the trainers as well trainees to get trained at actual site as they were able to recollect the learning more than 80%.