Virtual Reality Experience For Adani Dahanu

Immersive VR Experience developed for Adani Dahanu for their Coal Mill Operation.

Problem statement:

Adani Power Dahanu is a thermal power plant in generation of electricity. They having giant setup of coal mills and other infrastructure for the same. They given a use case to develop a VR experience for their Coal Mill, where they were facing to deliver the learning about the system in effective and immersive manner. They wanted to develop an immersive content which can educate about coal mill, it’s process and safety & Hazardous while working with it. As it’s a risky area, to have a look into the system the user can move around the coal mill in VR with fully safety.

Description of the solution:

We developed an immersive VR content which was compatible with Oculus and HTC Vive. The VR experience of coal mill was able to deliver a stunning experience to their trainees and educate about all the aspect and free to move around it with full safety. We covered About Coal Mill, It’s Processes, Safety and Dos/Don’ts while working with it.


Business impact:

This is VR based Immersive Experience solved their major challenge of not able to train the trainee at actual working site due to safety and able to deliver the learning about it’s inside / outside process which were not possible even in physical way.