Driver Induction Solutions For DP World

Immersive Driving Training Solution for DP World ( Dubai Ports ) Mundra to be used in their new driver onboarding.

Problem statement:

DP WORLD (Dubai Ports ) is a leading Port Company and their one of the operational entity is at Mundra, Gujarat. They were facing the problem of onboarding new driver to their ports as those new drivers are not aware about the port structure, ports rules and regulation and they wanted to train and assessment those driver before onboarding.

Description of the solution:

We developed a immersive training module for the DP world where the new driver who is joining them has to go through a training module where we covered the structure of the port, rules and safety regulations to be taken care while driving inside and all other activities to be known. On that basis he needs to go through an assessment and on the completion of the same he will be onboarded smoothly.

Business impact:

This Immersive Module for the driver engagement helped DP world in their smooth onboarding, auto assessment and effective training with safety.