AR/VR Companies

 The AR VR Companies are the companies which use the Virtual & Augmented Reality Technologies to create different solutions and immersive experience. With the integration of AR/VR Technologies this companies provide various aspects of AR and VR, including hardware devices, software platforms, content creation, applications, and services for various industries such as gaming, entertainment, healthcare, education, retail, automotive, manufacturing 

Services Offered by Ar/vr

Ar Vr companies offers a wide range of services to the many different industries in various departments such as VR Training solution, 3D animations service, enhancing customer engagement, and other solutions. 

Technologies Used in Development of Ar Vr Solutions

There are various Technologies used in development of Ar Vr companies, such as  


(Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)

Motion Tracking

3D Modeling Software

Computer Vision Algorithms

Object Recognition Libraries

Spatial Audio

Cloud Services

Data Storage Solutions

Ar Vr Software Development for Your Industry

AR/VR software development for your industry is a strategic move that focuses on integrating the power of immersive technologies with your industries. 

training in industry

Ar Vr companies in training has transformed learning experiences by creating interactive simulations and real scenarios that improves skill development, and easy onboarding processes.

Design & Development purposes in industry

AR/VR company offers advanced visualization tools that provides architects, engineers, and designers to vizualize, prototype, and summarize on projects in 3D environments.

Marketing & Customer engagement in industry

Ar Vr companies services boost creativity by giving engaging and interactive experiences to customers. From virtual product demonstrations & showroom experiences.

Exposit's Ar Vr Solution Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

As a client one searches about the Uniqueness of the Ar Vr companies and what innovative solutions they offer. We have unique solutions. What sets us apart is our work done in these industries. 

USP in Training Solutions

Workforce Training Solution, Safety Training Solution, VMS (Visitor Induction Solution), Virtual DOJO Training Center.

USP in Aircraft

Aircraft Maintenance Training Aggregator, Aircraft Interactive Educational Solution. 

USP in Medical & Pharma

Surgery Simulators, 3D Animation, Pharma Training Simulators. 

USP in Real Estate

AR Brochure, Interactive Walkthroughs, Interactive Port SoPs Modules.  

USP in Gaming, Exhibition

Virtual Exhibition Experiences AR Filters, Ready to Use Game Custom Game Devlopment. 

Ar Vr Development Process

Exposit is an AR VR development service where our development team develops solutions for Android and iOS, tablets, digital eyewear, head-mounted displays (HMD).  

Ideation & Requirements

Brainstorming the ideas for AR/VR solutions. Gathering Requirements such as technical specialization & performance requirements. 

Design & Development

Designing 3D models, assets, and environments & Implementing IT solutions for AR/VR solutions. 

Testing & User Interaction

Performance compatibility testing into various devices, platforms, and environments. Providing specific industry user training and onboarding. 


Launching the customized AR/VR solution to industry and final-users. 


Continuous help and improvements with ensuring ongoing maintenance of AR VR Solution. 

Quality Assurance

Conducting a test to check the quality of VR Training Solution, and that it is free from bugs, or other technical issues and has seamless user experience across different vr devices. 

User Testing

Testing VR Training Solutions with a small group of users and clients and gathering feedback on effectiveness and user satisfaction. To check upon areas to be improved 

Logistic Setup

The required equipment's of VR Training Solution such as the Headphones, Head Mounted Devices, etc.  


Deploying the final VR Training Solution to the client after making the necessary changes in the VR Training Solution. 

Nov 09, 2017


Support is provided to ensure that the users have easy access to the VR Training Solution and VR Environment. 

The Need for Top-notch Ar/vr

The Top-notch Ar Vr companies are gaining potential to provide understanding of various things due to their transformative capabilities. They are developing at a great pace in various industries also. Because of this the demand for AR VR app development companies are in great demand as it makes your application more engaged and innovative by adding different features. This increases your organizational capabilities. 


The Ar Vr companies have different services which are used in Training & Education, Improved Product Development, Better Customer Experience, Safety Training, Entertainment and Gaming, Healthcare. Top-notch Ar Vr companies are crucial for unlocking new possibilities, giving immersive experience.  

Custom Ar Vr App Development to Fulfill Your Personalization Needs

Finding a dependable Ar Vr companies can be a difficult task. Exposit as an AR VR app development services provider offers Customized AR VR solutions according to your personalized needs.  

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What Matter forus

Your requirements matters most whether it is highly customized features, industry specific solutions, or a unique inter face etc. Solutions crafting is done keeping your vision and objective in mind. 

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Customization Benefits

There are many benefits of customizing the AR VR apps such as you get an tailored experience, innovative features, Industry specification, Brand loyalty, flexibility etc. Due customizing your AR VR app or solutions . 

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Exposit's Client-Centric Approach

At Exposit we welcome such innovative & Creative ideas. We work closely with our clients so that we can deliver what they desires. 


VR Training Solution for Automobile Manufacturing Plant

One of our clients is leading a Retail Chain globally, providing consumer electronics & home appliances. They were looking for innovative ways to enhance customer engagement, improve product visualization, and streamline the buying process in their stores. The Challenges they Faced Due to the limited showroom space it was a challenge to display wide range of products Difficulty in visualizing complex products such as home theaters, kitchen appliances, & smart devices in traditional retail setups. Solution Provided by Our team proposed an AR/VR solution tailored to the client's needs. The solution included: We developed an AR app that allowed customers to use their smartphones to view 3D models of products overlaid onto their physical surroundings. Created a VR application that offered a virtual showroom experience where customers could explore a wide range of products Results Achieved by implementing solution Enhanced Customer Engagement, Reduced Return Rates, Improved Staff Productivity , Competitive Advantage

VR Training Solution in Aviation industry

One of our clients is leading a Retail Chain, providing fashion & accessories, with a network of stores across multiple locations. They partnered with out ar vr app development company for immersive experience for their customers. The Challenges they Faced due to Limited access in-store foot traffic. Difficulty in showcasing the full range of products. Need to create interactive experiences to attract. Solution Provided by Our AR/VR app development team designed solutions tailored to the client's retail needs: We developed an AR app that allowed customers to virtually try on clothing & accessories using their smartphones or in-store AR gadgets. Implemented the AR technology in the store environment to enhance product displays. Created a VR application where customers could participate in virtual styling sessions with expert stylists. Results Achieved by implementing solution Increased Foot Traffic, Improved Customer Engagement, Personalized Shopping Experience, Boosted Sales and Revenue Differentiation in the Market

VR Training Solution in Medical/Healthcare industry

One of our clients is a real estate development company with a specialization in residential & commercial properties. To transform the way they showcase properties they partnered with us for AR VR Solutions. The Challenges they Faced were, To showcase properties remotely to the international clients & investors there was an limited access. Difficulty in explaining full potential & features of properties through traditional marketing. Lacking in interactive tools for property tours. Solution Provided by Our AR/VR company developed immersive solutions to address the client's needs. We created VR-based virtual property tours which allowed potential buyers & investors to explore properties from anywhere in the world. VR showrooms at the client's sales centers & exhibitions, where visitors can experience immersive property tours and walkthroughs. Results Achieved by implementing solution Global Reach, Enhanced Visualization, Accelerated Sales Cycles, Cost Savings, Brand Differentiation.

General Knowledge Base

Augmented Reality (AR) surrounds one with digital elements & contents onto the real world. While Virtual Reality (VR) has complete digital environment which replaces a real-life environment with a simulated one. 

The cost in AR VR app development can vary from different factors features, design, development time & complexity. It is necessary to define clear project requirements, scope, and budgets. 

The Simple AR VR app development can take few weeks like three to five weeks, where as the complex AR VR app development can take months or even a year to develop. 

It is required have an specialized AR VR app to have information, images, videos, 3D models, or interactive elements The AR app use device's camera, sensors to detect and track real-world. 

The Future of AR VR solutions has immense potential and are very transformative in various industries. The AR VR companies are developing an cartoon like avatar to more realistic avatar. 

The preference of choosing between VR or AR is highly dependent on factors such as context, user preferences, and the type of experience desired. The VR and AR have unique strengths and applications. One can consult the ar vr company to choose between VR & AR.

AR VR application has been in numerous industries such as in manufacturing, in education, doing surgical process in a safer place, also used in industries like real estate, architecture etc.  

Your project can Gain a competitive edge Enhance training efficiency. These can serve a various purposes, such as Training and education, Visualization, Consulting. 

The AR VR app development companies develops AR VR solution for different industries such as real estate, medical training, gaming and entertainment, aerospace, manufacturing, retail, marketing, etc. 

The AR VR Technologies are the Immersive Technologies which offers unique experience by mixing digital content with the real world or creating entirely virtual environments.

Joining an AR/VR Company

Enhance your functions of projects & industry with AR/VR company